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STIC® is a must-have accessory for any walking aid user. This 2-in-1 innovative attachment allows you to securely hang or magnetise your walking stick whilst it is not in use. Made from high-quality rare-earth magnets, STIC® is easy to install, stylish and lightweight meaning you can lead an independent and healthy lifestyle with one less worry. Order yours today to ensure your home environment is STIC® friendly.


Compatible with axillary crutches and walking sticks*


Walking aid not included*

STIC® - Magnetic Walking Aid Attachment

  • 1x STIC® - Magnetic walking stick attachment 
    1x Allen key
    3x Magnetic wall mount

Credit card options

Compatible Walking Aids

Nicholas Lai, Wolper Jewish Hospital, NSW

‘Smart, practical, easy to implement, innovative + easy for patients to understand’
- Physiotherapist