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The Problem


Falls remain a pressing health issue in both community and healthcare system, and this challenge is only increasing with Australia's growing and aging population. In fact, the proportion of individuals aged over 65 is projected to increase substantially, from 16% to 25% by 2050.

What are the stats?
Did you know that 30% of adults over the age of 65 experience at least one fall per year within the community?
Moreover, clinical research demonstrates that severe injuries such as pelvic fractures resulting from falls in adults over 65 years, have a mortality rate of 41% after 3 years. 

What role do walking aids play?

Walking aids are essential for preventing falls and allowing members of the community, who would not otherwise be able walk, to do so safely. However, walking aids are rendered useless if their aid is inaccessible of not used in the manor intended. 



Our Solution

STIC® aims to reduce falls by increasing walking aid adherence and accessibility. 

  • A reduction in compromised positions from a fallen walking  aid

  • A reduction in trip hazards

  • An easily accessible walking aid

  • A stylist walking aid accessory to increase walking aid compliance 

An Evidenced Based Solution 

Evidenced based .webp


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